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Kidmunicate Pediatric Speech Pathology Dictionary

Speech pathology uses some terms that are difficult to understand. The comprehensive Kidmunicate speech and language dictionary will help you understand the terms your doctor and/or speech-language pathologist are using.

Pediatric Speech and Language Dictionary / Glossary

It is a comprehensive list of speech and language terms that have helpful links to supporting content. It’s has been developed as a reference source for parents of special needs kids who come across a term that they do not completely understand on our Kidmunicate website. It’s will also be a great tool for pediatric speech and language pathologists and students.

This Pediatric Speech and Language Dictionary is a work in progress and always will be. We will continue adding to the reference list. Please feel free to contribute by adding terms and links to the comment box on the bottom of each page. We will try to add it within 24 hours.

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