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Term Definition
Jargon There are three different definitions

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  • Verbal expression of children between 9 and 18 months which contains syllables and inflections approximating meaningful connected speech. Some actual words might be uttered.
  • Speech with little to no exchange of actual information. Unintelligible speech.
  • Language that is specific to a profession or field of study.
Link 1: Wikipedia – Jargon
Jaw The opposable articulated bone structures in the mouth. The mandible (lower jaw) and maxilla (upper jaw) move for grasping, chewing and talking.

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Link 1: Wikipedia – Jaw
Juncture The joint between two parts (syllables or words) in contextual speech to differentiate meaning. It’s how we differentiate between sounds in connected speech. For example I scream and Ice Cream.

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Link 1: Wikipedia – Junction site de rencontre avec chien Link 2: Examples of Junctures in connected speech – Univeristy of Velencia