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Term Definition
Kaufman Praxis Test The Kaufman Praxis Test assists in the diagnosis and treatment of children with apraxia of speech. It is a test that we use and recommend at Kidmunciate.

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Kinesics The study of body language including gestures, postures and facial expressions. (Non-verbal communication) Kinesics has the following subcategories.

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  • Proxemics – Space between people when they communicate to each other. (Personal space)
  • Oculesics – Eye contact, eye movement, gaze.
  • Haptics – (or tactics) – Interaction involving touch. Handshake, high five, hug, etc.
  • Facial Expressions – Positions of the face that convey emotion. Frown for sadness, smile for happiness, etc.
  • Gestures – Movement of any part of the body to convey or emphasize an idea or emotion. Thumbs Up for good, V sign for peace, etc.
  • Postures – The position of the body conveys information about personality traits (confident, submissive, etc.), social standing and current emotional state.
  • Mirroring – The subconscious replication of another person’s nonverbal communication.
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Kinesiology In speech, the study of the muscle movements in sound production.

  • Kinesthesia – In speech, the awareness of the positions of the articulators to produce sound.
  • Kinesthetic Analysis – In speech, the study of sound errors in relation to the movements of the articulators.
  • Kinesthetic Cues – The use of the awareness of the positions or movements of the articulators to aid in correcting speech sound errors.
Kinesthesia See Kinesiology
Kinesthetic Analysis See Kinesiology
Kinesthetic Cues See Kinesiology
Kinesthetic Perception See Perception